The Child
Monumental painting at the Hotel Marriott Oakland California. In support for the Zero Hunger campaign with the World Food Organization United Nations Oakland, USA 2021.

Climbing to the Moon
Monumental painting with UNESCO and mairie du 13 eme Paris promoting access to education for all children around the world. 
Paris, France 2022.

A mural near Wall Street in NYC. 
Location: 25 Bridge St, New York, NY 10004, USA.
Size: hight: 19,2 meters, width: 13,70 meters. 
Media: Acrylic paint on brick wall, 5-storey building.
Construction year: 1940
Architect: Unknown

ILO 100
A mural celebrating ILO 100 years.
Realized on the United Nations
Indian Mission building.

New York City, USA 2019.

Pictures by Ben L™

Looking Dow Looking Up
A mural for the City of Mamaroneck on the subject of diversity.

Mamaroneck , USA 2019.

Pictures by Ben L™