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Prints at Limited works

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"Fenrisulven" The Wolf of Copenhagen.

"Fenrisulven", The Wolf of Copenhagen, 2000 m2 painting on B&W Hallerne, Denmark, 2015. Realised for the Copenhell Festival.

Look at me, look at you. Bremen Germany 2009.

Wall painting on the 4 sides of a 25 meters high bunker dating from World War II. Bremen Germany

Astronaut / Cosmonaut, Berlin

Berlin-Kreuzberg, Backjumps 3 22m x 14m. Germany 2007.

"The Red Dog"

Mural painting in the Saatchi Gallery, London. Red never follows exhibition. 350cm x 500 cm Acrylic and spray paint on the gallery wall.

"Sea View" Haderslev silo, Denmark

The Haderslev silo, Haderslev, Denmark. A 1500 m2. mural painting.

Car Mountains / VM Bjerget.

A series of wall paintings at the VM Bjerget, a new building designed by Bjarke Ingels Group / BIG. Ørestad Copenhagen, Denmark. Winer of the best housing price at the World Architecture Festival Barcelona 2008

The Animal Faces Series

Animal Faces. Beyond art at Platoon Kunsthalle, 8 X 250 cm X 245 cm. Seoul, South Korea. 2012.